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Fraudulent election in Mexico

Fraudulent election in Mexico

The Mexican System: USA, Canada, Spain, UK, embassies in México, the biggest political parties, the Federal Government , most state governors, electoral "autonomous" institutions, foreign bankers, big TV- radio and newspaper networks, big pollsters, powerful businesspersons, big retail among others, perpetrated this first of July the biggest electoral fraud in Mexican history, marking the return of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional,PRI, the party that governed México for more than 70 years by means of ongoing corruption, "dirty war" and crime.

The "pretty-face" doll from PRI, the ignoramus Enrique Peña Nieto,EPN,allegedly got 3.3 million (6.6 %) more votes for the Presidency of Mexico than the left-wing candidate,Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the same candidate who in 2006 sustained an infamous character assassination plus electoral fraud while running for the Presidency against Felipe Calderón (he lost by only 0.56% of the votes). For more than six years, EPN& his political group, allegedly paid (The Guardian), UNDERCOVER, a promotional campaign disguised as news, comentaries, jokes, comedy, to the biggest TV-radio network in Mexico, Televisa, the one that covers and controls most of Mexican TV audience.

Six months before the election, Televisa , TV Azteca and big radio and newspaper networks owned by the television duopoly, broadcasted opinion polls that put EPN 18 points ahead of AMLO till days before the election. By means of "creative accounting and financial engineering", (his campaign coordinator is an MIT graduate), EPNallegedly succeeded ingiving away to poor people more than 25 million dollars in the form of electronic purses (Monex, Soriana) to buy votes; he saturated public space with outdoors advertisements since even three years prior to the July 1st, election.EPN & the mafia behind him bought the Mexican presidency through a (conservatively) estimated expenditure of at least 1.5 billion dollars, mostly obtained allegedly by means of State loans by PRI governors, public works and unknown donors. The gravest charge is that most EPN campaign finance might be illegal, obtained mainly through massive indebtment of several Mexican states like Coahuila and Veracruz by their governors, together with the State of Mexico, of which EPN was governor from 2006 through 2012. Such indebtment has been left to be paid, through taxes, by the inhabitants of those same States.

EPN& PRI represent a colossal threat for the natural and cultural richness of México, as they will surely continue their looting through the further privatization of Mexico's resources in favor of foreign multinationals, from rights or concessions to foreign banks in Mexico, for oil and water extraction and distribution, to Canadian mining and to Spanish tourism mega-projects on Mexican beaches.

Likewise, EPN&PRI and represent an equally tremendous menace for the Peace, Justice, Freedom and the social fabric of Mexico --inasmuch as they, as confirmed by White House high officers, are committed to continue the false war on drugs imposed by the U.S. powers, which will result in even more thousands of civilian casualties during the next six-year term. This is definitely the scenario that we can expect from EPN&PRI, in colluding with the international investors to convert into commodities the world climate, water, energy, food, education and health.


Miguel Valencia


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