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Venecia 2012: Tercera Conferencia Internacional de Descrecimiento, Primera Convocatoria- Fwd: [degrowth] Venezia degrowth conference - photo contest

Venecia 2012: Tercera Conferencia Internacional de Descrecimiento, Primera Convocatoria
Abajo, la Primera Convocatoria a la Tercera Conferencia Internacional de Descrecimiento (Degrowth) que tendrá lugar en Venecia, en septiembre de 2012.
Descrecimiento como un paso de la civilización

Tercera Conferencia Internacional de Decrecimiento, septiembre de 2012 
Segunda Conferencia Internacional de Decrecimiento, marzo 2010, Barcelona
Primera Conferencia Internacional de Decrecimiento, 2005, Paris

Research & Degrowth

2 reminders:

- the degrowth conference of Venice has opened the call for workshops, deadline 15 october see - see more info on this important event below, the third world degrowth conference

- the photos contest for the degrowth calendar, deadline 30 september

3rd International Conference on Degrowth
for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity
Venice (Italy), 19th-23rd September 2012

Degrowth as a passage of civilization

The promoters of the 3rd International Conference on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity (Venice, 19th-23rd Sept. 2012) officially announce the overall organization of the Conference and a detailed time schedule of the deadlines for the registration and the presentation of the call for papers.

Besides, in the effort to integrate – according to the spirit of the project – the dimensions of scientific research, civic and political engagement, artistic expression and experimentation of good practices, the promoters introduce the formula of the call for workshops (see below).
The Conference will be hosted in the premises of the IUAV University of Venice. Further updates together with more precise locations of the various meetings will be published on the official web-sites of the Conference at and

There will be different ways to participate and to share ideas during the conference (both in plenaries and in smaller groups).

More in detail: Plenaries: Plenaries will take place at the opening and at the closing of the Conference, and also in the first morning session of each central day. The three morning plenaries of the 20th, 21st and 22nd Sept. are open to all the participants and are respectively dedicated to three different themes: Commons, Work, Democracy; the opening meeting taking place the 19th afternoon will be open to general public, too. The key-note speakers are defined by the Organizing Committee. Focus: All the participants will be invited to take part to the focus sessions. There will be three different focuses:

1) Sources of Degrowth;

2) Subjects of Change;

3) Possible future scenarios.

The oral presentations will be selected through a call for papers (see Point 3).

Workshops: Each day the workshops will concentrate on a specific main theme (Commons, Work, Democracy), articulated in different sub-themes. All the participants can take part to the workshops (around 20-25 different WSs every day), with a limit of 30 people in each workshop. The sub-themes of the workshops will be defined through a call for workshops (see Point 2). Each workshop will be introduced by maximum three oral presentations, selected through a call for papers (see Point 3). A period for debate/questions and free discussion will be allowed in the end of each workshop. Each workshop will have a coordinator and a facilitator.

Posters: The registered participants will have the chance to show their posters referred to one of the main axes of the Conference (Commons, Work, Democracy). The posters will be selected through a call for papers (see Point 3).

Meetings of the networks: open to all the participants. There will be two different meetings: the first, taking place the 20th evening, will be dedicated to national or regional networks with the aim to make people and organizations grouped by nations, geographical or cultural areas (depending on the numbers of each possible group) meet; the second, taking place the 21st evening, aims at facilitating the dialogue and exchange among different international subjects involved in the Conference as promoters, partners or participants. Each intervention will be selected through a call for papers (see Point 3).

Final Document of the Conference. At the end of the Conference a summary of the themes and the issues emerged during the works will be prepared with a participatory mode as a stimulus and a re-lauching for the next steps.

In the plenaries and in the focuses a simultaneous translation service will be assured for the following languages: English, Italian, Spanish. In the workshops we will use English as a lingua franca. For those who have difficulties in expressing themselves or understanding English, there will be language facilitators.

Program outline
WEDNESDAY SEPT. 19, 2012 Opening
SUNDAY SEPT. 23, 2012 Closing

The promoters have identified three major thematic axes of the Conference: Commons, Work and Democracy. These were imagined as the yarns of the canvas to be weaved together during the five days in Venice. The other yarns to weave and strengthen the canvas are in the hands of all participants who wish to propose working groups and discussions to explore one of the three main yarns.
On this purpose, the call for workshops related to the three central days of the Conference and addressed to associations, research groups and organizations, local administrations, third sector and civil society organizations, and to other interested subjects, opens on Sun 31th July 2011. The proposals of workshops can deal with one of three main axes of the Conference:
a) Commons
Degrowth and transition to fair and sustainable models of ownership, management, protection, sharing and enjoyment of goods and resources.
b) Work
Degrowth and transition to fair and creative models of production, work, social security and welfare beyond Post-Fordism, the logic of temporary employment and the welfare crisis.
c) Democracy
Degrowth and transition of democratic institutions to shared, decentralized, environmentally and inter-generationally responsible models.
We have also identified some perspectives of analysis that we would like to horizontally cut across the different days: Space, Time and Imaginary. We invite the workshops proponents to think about weaving the chosen thematic axis (Commons, Work, or Democracy) with one or more perspectives of analysis (Space, Time, Imaginary).
On the Conference web-sites or you can find some thematic suggestions on these three axes.
Each day the workshops – which will be held in parallel – will be articulated into two sessions (11,30 AM – 1 PM and 3-5 PM): the morning session will be mainly dedicated to the oral presentation and the discussion of the selected papers, while the afternoon session will be completely devoted to discussion and open dialogue. Each workshop will have a coordinator and a facilitator to ensure the highest level of participation and to gather the critical points of the discussion.
The association, movement or group of people proposing a workshop should first of all indicate the theme he wants to explore and the key issues to be offered to the discussion. Each proponent can also express his preference on the possible return of the outcomes of the workshop at the end of the Conference (e.g. paper or on-line publication, video-making, activation of exchanging or working networks, campaigning etc.).
The proposals elaborated by different subjects working together are the most welcomed.
Each proposal has to be submitted also in English and contain the following information: Title of the proposed workshop; Main axe (Commons/Work/Democracy); 3 Keywords; Description (max 250 words) of the theme and of the issues offered to the discussion; Possible proposals about the return of the outcomes of the workshop; Name(s) of the proponent(s) and organization(s), with relevant contacts (mail and phone).
Submissions should be made in pdf- and doc/odt-format to: (subject: "CALL FOR WORKSHOPS").
The closing of workshops submission is the 15th Oct. 2011. Decisions on acceptance of workshops will be published on the 15th Nov. 2011.
The Organizing Committee is allowed to propose merging and entanglements among workshops proposed by different subjects, in order to facilitate a positive contamination and enhance a thematic balance in the program of the Conference. Once defined the issues, anyone can apply to take part to one of the workshops through the participation to the call for papers (see Point 3).
When registering to the conference, participants will be invited to indicate their preferences for the workshops in each day. The promoters will take care of considering the preferences and simultaneously of ensuring a balanced distribution of attendance in each workshop.

The call for papers to propose an oral presentation in the Focuses, in the single Workshops, in the evening Networks Meetings and for the Posters will open the 15th Nov. 2011 and will close the 15th Feb. 2012. Everybody can participate submitting the abstract of his/her paper or of his poster.
The list of the accepted abstracts will be published the 1st Apr. 2012. The full papers of the accepted abstracts should be submitted by 31st Jul. 2012. The posters will be directly taken by the participants.

The full participation to the Conference implies the payment of a fee, necessary to cover the costs of the event. There will be three different fees in relation to the working condition and economic capacities of the participants, on the bases of a self-declaration. The registration will open on 15th Jan. 2012, at a reduced rate until 15 Mar. 2012. These early registrations are particularly important since they allow the sustainability of the first costs of the Conference. After this period and until the 15th Jun. 2012 – last deadline to complete the registration – the fee will be at full rate. For a detailed description of the fees, see the table below.
Registration fees are kept deliberately low to allow the widest possible participation. In the days of the Conference all participants will be asked to give a small voluntary help in the services shifts (cleaning, sorting, arrangement, meal delivery, etc. ...)
The receipt of payment must be preserved and presented on the first day at the registration desk at IUAV. Registration is required to obtain a pass for admission to the conference.


At reduced rate 15 Jan – 15 Mar 2012
At full rate 16 Mar – 15 Jun 2012

€ 160
€ 200
Precarious workers and students
€ 90
€ 110
€ 60
€ 75

31 July 2011
Publication of the pre-call and of the time schedule
31 July 2011
Opening of the Call for workshops
15 October 2011
Deadline for submission of Workshop proposals
15 November 2011
Notification of accepted Workshops
15 November 2011
Call for paper for Focuses and Workshops
15 February 2012
Deadline for submission of paper abstracts
1 April 2012
Publication of accepted paper abstracts
15 January to 15 March 2012
Participant registration (at reduced rate)
16 March to 15 June 2012
Participant registration (at full rate)
31 July 2012
Deadline for submission of full papers
19 – 23 September 2012
Conference in Venice, Italy

Join the degrowth photo contest. We invite you to submit photographs for the Degrowth Calendar 2012. Visit: for more information

Please help us distribute the call in relevant networks!


So far much of our discourse on degrowth has been much theoretical and verbal. In this critical time of austerity, debt, and ecological crises we would like to call for a VISUAL illustration of the ideas, strategies, and dimensions of degrowth and thus make them understandable and known in society at large.

While degrowth is far from reality, some of its elements can be found here and now, and can be pinched on the street walls for reflection. Our proposal is to have a visual discourse, a discourse while talks without words. And this is the reason to launch the degrowth photo contest project. The 12 best, and most artistic and expressive photographs received will be published in a degrowth calendar which will be distributed widely. We will also offer special artistic degrowth prizes to the 12 "winners". The good photos will be presented on the R&D website, and possibly an exihition will be organised.

All photos will be under the creative commons label.

Thus joins us and help us spread the degrowth word! More:

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