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The European Social Forum is starting in Istanbul

(Vía Miguel Valencia)

The European Social Forum is starting in Istanbul

Let us create another world together!

From the 1st to the 4th of July 2010 The 6th ESF is to be gathered in Istanbul, Turkey. More than 200 seminars and thousand of social organizations and movements in a marvellous city not only because of its' cultural heritage, but also because of social and political struggles, the historic resistance of the Tekel workers, Kurdish popular resistance and more…

 (June, 29th) Amidst the global capitalist crisis, which recently show its' face in Greece with the IMF-EU austerity plan, and the ongoing crisis in countries as Latvia, Hungary, Romania, and other places, we are going to gather the European Social Forum in Istanbul.

Economical, financial, political, social and ecological crises cannot be seperated from each other. So all the movements struggling against capitalism, imperialism, fascism and the far right, patriarchy, destruction of earth and nature should join their hands to develop a common strategy. In Istanbul ESF, we the social movements, are going to eloborate such a common strategy of action.

Inspired by the World Social Forum the European Social Forum, since its beginning in Florence 2002, has motivated the gathering of many political, cultural and social initiatives in Europe. It has been the starting point for the demonstrations against the Iraq War, the campaigns against the EU directive to promote privatisation of Public Services and strengthened popular movements of cooperation in Europe for climate justice, food sovereignty and against the privatization of water.

From the 1st from the 4th of July more than 200 seminars will be attended by thousand of activists arriving from all over the Europe.

Wednesday 30th of June h. 20.30 Opening event the ESF after the Women March with concert

Saturday 3rd of July h. 18.00 Make them pay for their crisis! European Social Forum March

from Osmanbey to Taksim

Sunday 4th of July 9.30-14.00 Assembly of the Assemblies

1st  part Global crisis: answers from the social movements 2nd part: Agenda of the initiatives


Download the final program:

Monica Di Sisto - Vice presidente
[fair] Commercio Equo, Sostenibilità, Comunicazione


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