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Geoingenierìa - BBC 'Hand of God': Bacterias para cambiar el clima y absorver CO2

El peligro creciente de la Geoingeniería, "La Mano de Dios", otra locura de los desquiciados científicos ligados al gran capital.
(Miguel Valencia)


"Playing God" with the climate?

Richard Black | 15:34 UK time, Friday, 21 May 2010 

Biotech supremo Craig Venter's latest foray into "synthetic life" is raising all sorts of questions within the domain of medical and scientific ethics.
One of the potential uses which he's looking at for synthetic bacteria - sucking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere - potentially also breaks new ground in the ethics of human effects on the natural world.
Craig_VenterDr Venter's proposed CO2-suckers, if they ever materialise, would basically constitute a new entry into the field of geo-engineering - using technology to ameliorate human-induced climate change.
Existing proposals include those with a notion of biology, such as using iron filings to stimulate the growth of oceanic plants or switching to growing crops with reflective leaves.
But most lie firmly in the physical domain - whitening roofs, putting a giant sunshade in space, or spraying the atmosphere with dust to mimic the sun-reflecting and planet-cooling effect of volcanic eruptions.

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