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[climate justice now!] international experts symposium on radiation in fukushima

Yoko Akimoto <>
Date: 2011/9/10

Dear friends,

Now the international experts symposium on radiation exposure is going
on in Fukushima. Many Japanese civic groups are dubious about the
outcome of the discussion there, as we see that the symposium might be
designed to cover up the risk of radiation diffused from the Fukushima
nuclear accident or to declare that it will not cause any negative
effect to our health.
We Japanese civic groups turned in the Open Letter of Inquiry to the
organizer of the Symposium.
(FYI, the founder of the Japan Foundation, organizer of the symposium,
was a war criminal of the WWII. After released, he was very active as
powerful kingmaker in the political and business world and one of the
far-extremist right wing. In addition, the Foundation is famous for
pushing NERIKA: New Rice for Africa. The Foundation has huge assets.)

I'm forwarding the message from Citizens' Radioactivity Measuring

And for your reference, I'm attaching a message (for MondayWalk in
Germany) from Seiichi Nakate, Head of Fukushima Network for Saving
Children from Radiation.

Yoko Akimoto
Secretariat, ATTAC Japan

In reaction to the International Experts Symposium will hold in Fukushima
Medical University on 11th and 12th of September,
we have decided to propound the Open Letter of Inquiry to the organizing
committee of the International Experts Symposium.
On 9th of September, we will hold the press conference of this in Foreign
correspondents' club of Japan and Free Press Association of Japan.

For this Open Letter of Inquiry, we call for co-propounder of the civilian
groups and the national and international experts.
I would like as many experts and the organization around the globe as
possible to join this inquiry to show the residents of Fukushima that they
are not cast out and also to the organizing committee and participants of
the Symposium that it is not that easy to cover up the situation.

Please send the name of your organization, occupation and position, if you
agree to join this Open Letter.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance,

Wataru Iwata
Citizens' Radioactivity Measuring Station
Pasenakamisse 1F 8-8 Okitamacho
Fukushima City, Fukushima
960-8034 Japan

Miguel Valencia
Red Ecologista Autónoma de la Cuenca de México

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