miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010


We are sharing the concern that has been raised by international networks regarding the fragmentation of spaces in Cancun. With less than 2 months until the COP16 negotiations, we feel that we should come together and merge our initiatives into one space that would allow foreign, national and local climate justice activists to work together without any distraction.


We are convinced that we must be united to host our allies that are arriving from around the world. We should avoid that they face major inconveniences, additional costs and unnecessary travel time back and forth from one space to another. In that way, we would not only maximize our potential, we would strengthen and truly support our large, diverse and global network - that struggles for Climate Justice.


That's why we call for dialogue among our local initiatives towards Cancun, with the goal to create for those that are coming to Cancun a friendly, convenient, well organized and unified "home" base. We are willing to compromise and do whatever is needed to achieve that.


In solidarity,



The Klimaforum10 Organizing Committee

 Adriana Matalonga, Eugenio Cabrera, Gabriela de la Vega, Jorge López, Kareen Kohn, Lucrecia Noemí Mazadiego, Miguel Ángel Rosas, Miguel Valencia, Pedro Pliego y Raquel Rodríguez


Miguel Valencia


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