miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010

Wiki sobre descrecimiento - Beyond growth

Se está creando un espacio  wiki sobre decrecimiento por parte de diferentes personalidades a nivel mundial:

Welcome! This is a wiki linking you to the many existing repositories of information on post growth, degrowth (décroissance, decrescita, Decrecimiento, decreixement) and steady-state thinking. Whilst a more comprehensive wiki on these issues can be found at Degrowthpedia, this site aims to provide a set of the most crucial quick links. Many areas cross over, conceptually and practically, with these movements but here you can see some holistic thoughts on what distinguishes these movements from the mainstream. Please feel free to contribute in order to expand and keep this page up-to-date!

Some key organisations and working groups include: Centre for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy; Adbusters; The International Society for Ecological Economics; Yes! Magazine; New Economics Foundation, New Economics Institute, Appropedia, Sustainable Economics, Institute for the Social and Economical Study of Sustainable Degrowth, E.F. Schumacher Society, Post-Autistic Economics Network, Association for Heterodox Economics, Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability, New Economy Working Group, Institute for New Economic Thinking, Freegan.info, Post Carbon Institute, Civil Society Engagement with ECological EConomics, Institute for Collapsonomics, The Cambridge Trust for New Thinking in Economics, Indigo Development, Italian Degrowth Network, Movement for Degrowth and Happiness, Catalan Degrowth Network, Vancouver Degrowth Network, A Degrowth Network emerging from 2nd Int. Conference on Degrowth, Québécois décroissance movement , After-growth wiki, Global Network for Growth Objection, The Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability, Swiss Degrowth Network, Danish Degrowth Network, Better Not Bigger Alliance

Key blogs: Steady State Revolution, Beyond Growth, Make Wealth History, Post Growth, The Daly Blog, Free Degrowth
Key Journals: Journal of Cleaner Production (Special Issue), Journal la Decroissance,Journal of Ecological Economics, Real World Economics, Limites, Entropia, Silence, L'Ecologiste, L'âge de Faire
Key videos: Degrowth

Key Twitter info: Use this Twitter list to add/follow relevant people. Relevant Twitter hashtags: #postgrowth #neweconomy #altcurrency #ecologicaleconomics #steadystate #degrowth #decroissance #collapsonomics #thrivability #sustainability #susty #population #carbon #transition.

You can contact the founder of this page via donmaclurcan (at) gmail (dot) com or on twitter: @donmacca. If interested, check out his work on Dave Gardner's film: Hooked on Growth.



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