viernes, 11 de junio de 2010



1    The Klimaforum10's Mexican Promoting Committee has not received any funding to operate this initiative, from any government, institution or organization of the world. The grass roots organizations participating in this initiative have worked voluntarily, as we have done for environmental issues for more than 20 years. Nevertheless, due to the enormous size of this commitment, with the help of the Klimaforum09's Danish Board, we have asked for funding from international environmental fund, to organize the Cancun's Klimaforum10.  This funding has been blocked by Friends of the Earth International (FoEI), without any clear explanation at all.

2   Copenhagen's Klimaforum09 included: four auditoriums, five big rooms and other places for exhibitions, administrative offices, press centre, interpreters, eating tents, sanitary rooms and cafes.  Klimaforum09 received 8,500.000 DDK (aprox. 1,144,000 Euros) from Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, via People's Climate Action, NGO.  More than 50,000 persons visited Klimaforum09 and there were 300 different events in this forum.  A well organized process led to a unique Klimaforum09 Declaration.  85 people from Asia, Africa, Latin America, Oceania, and the arctic region received financial support to attend Klimaforum09 in Copenhagen.   The organization of the Klimaforum09 was managed by a Secretariat created with the funding obtained from the Danish government.  The funding received did not alter in any way the political platform and autonomy of the Klimaforum09 Danish Board.  The Declaration "System Change, not Climate's Change" and the Program of the Klimaforum09 are an evident proof of the Danish Board autonomy.

3   We think that Cancun's Klimaforum10 must include covered spaces and facilities with at least the same capacities of the Copenhagen's Klimaforum09. We consider that Mexican government and Cancun city government must provide the auditoriums, conference and meeting rooms, offices, exhibition spaces, general sanitation, illumination, sound and equipment for all the activities necessary to achieve a successful Klimaforum10. These governments should welcome the national and international grass roots movements that are going to meet in Cancun, during COP-16, offering these spaces and facilities without any political condition. We have asked Mexican government and Cancun city government for these facilities; expedite visas to visitors and all the measures to disable the repression from the army and police.  People's Mexican financial resources, administered by the Mexican government, must be applied towards the successful unfolding of this People's climate summit. We propose to create a Secretariat to manage this installations and the funding obtained from international and national sources.  We do not accept any political conditions from Mexican Government or from Cancun city government in exchange of this spaces and facilities.


Adriana Matalonga; Elías García; Eugenio Cabrera; Jesús Sansón; Jorge López; Mauricio Villegas; Miguel Valencia; Miguel Ángel Rosas; Raquel Rodríguez; Rubén Treviño

Miguel Valencia


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